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Creating expert solutions for offshore wind projects at every stage, Barrington Energy is one of the renewable energy industry’s leading management and consultancy companies.

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Who We Are

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Who We Are

Barrington Energy was established in 2017 to enable clients to capitalise on the combined skills, track records and enthusiasm of its two directors, Stuart Brand and Alex Low. Their accumulated experience comprises management work on over 40 offshore wind projects worldwide, including Akita, Japan’s first commercial offshore wind farm. Based at the centre of the British offshore wind industry in Norfolk, UK, Barrington Energy works with developers, operators and contractors at every stage of a project – from feasibility through to construction and generation.

Our team directs both management and project teams on offshore wind developments in the UK, Europe and around the world, overseeing a variety of work packages; these range from foundation and cable installation to onshore pre-assembly and wind turbine installation. This extensive experience, combined with the directors’ impressive track records in operations and maintenance, and a strong focus on quality management and cost efficiency, make Barrington Energy a compelling professional partner to help deliver any offshore wind project.


Our Approach


Our teams are able to draw on their working knowledge of all the different phases involved in developing an offshore wind farm, from feasibility to generation. This ‘all through’, contextual understanding – not always a given in the industry – means that we are able to formulate intelligent, integrated management strategies.


This expert knowledge also enables us to guide developers, operators and contractors through every aspect of a project and, in particular, to fully support clients who may be newer to the industry. In addition, Barrington Energy has also helped deliver first-in-territory wind farm projects in both Germany and Japan.


Our approach prioritises taking the time to fully understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each wind farm project. We ensure that, whatever the scale and duration of the contract, we work hard to maintain a close focus on realising a client’s strategic objectives.


Our team is also able to identify areas for improvement and implement best practice, helping deliver a project on time and on budget. In addition, at Barrington Energy we have strong communication and leadership skills, meaning we are good at both building and motivating specialist teams.


We always tailor our team to fit your project’s unique needs, which are likely to shift across different work phases. Depending on the demands of a particular project, our people either work on rotation between the wind farm site and our UK office, or when direct contact is unnecessary, are based exclusively in the UK.


This flexible model eliminates the cost of keeping personnel in-country during periods when they are not needed. In addition, senior management is always on site to ensure work stays on track, with additional personnel deployed there during critical project phases.

Our People

The core team at Barrington Energy is led by directors who each have an impressive track record in the energy industry. According to the needs of a project, this team can be expanded to include trusted, well-qualified associate personnel, who are deployed to work in a variety of management roles.

Stuart Brand

Stuart has over 25 years’ experience of delivering projects in the energy industry, working in a range of both technical and management roles up to directorship level. Relying on excellent communication skills and expert knowledge of technical roles, Stuart has forged an outstanding track record in building and motivating specialist teams. Since co-founding Barrington Energy in 2017, Stuart has worked as a Package Manager (Operations & Maintenance, and Ports & Logistics) on Akita, Japan’s first commercial offshore wind farm; this role has relied on using bold management strategies to achieve the supply chain and protocol efficiencies needed to help get the project back on track.

Prior to setting up his own company, Stuart worked as Operations Director at 3sun Group (Now Worley) for over seven years, helping execute a long list of wind farm projects, and being instrumental in moving the company into the renewables sector. Before this, Stuart worked on projects in the UK and Europe for industry-leading companies including BP, MHI Vestas, Orsted, Equinor, SSE, Siemens, CNR, Premier Oil, Shell and GE.


Alex Low

A qualified charter surveyor, Alex is a senior manager with over 20 years’ experience of working in the construction sector. He has a proven track record on delivering complex, large-scale projects, drawing on his extensive experience in contract management, quantity surveying and business development. A strategic thinker and able negotiator, Alex is also able to offer a talent for detail and the ability to build and motivate project teams. Since co-founding Barrington Energy in 2017, Alex has been working as a Project Manager & WTG Package Manager on Akita, Japan’s first commercial offshore wind farm; the success of this role has relied on finding ways to achieve major contractual concessions, and to overcome significant legal barriers to maintaining project viability.

Prior to setting up his own company, Alex worked as a commercial manager for Turner Iceni, and as a contract manager at Seajacks UK. This latter role included project managing the transport and installation contract for the Meerwind offshore wind farm, and managing challenging vessel modifications, one of which was described as ‘impossible’.


Professional associates

Barrington Energy maintains close working relationships with some of the offshore wind energy industry’s best-qualified managers and consultants. This means that when a particular project phase demands it, we are always able to build the right team of people.

Why Choose Us?

When developers, operators or contractors need to select a professional partner to deliver on any aspect of a wind farm project, choosing well can make a huge difference. Working with a company that offers intelligent, context-driven solutions can not only help achieve significant cost savings and accelerate a project schedule but should also help create a more positive work atmosphere for management and/or project teams.

We are confident that Barrington Energy is that kind of company. Years of contract work have demonstrated that it is our directors’ extensive project experience and meticulous focus on context that make us a compelling professional partner for a variety of clients in offshore wind

Reasons To Work With Us 


Barrington Energy’s directors, Stuart Brand and Alex Low, both have many years’ experience in the offshore energy industry. Together they have led management and project teams on 40 wind farms in the UK, Europe and Asia, working on every project phase. This ‘all through’ understanding makes them expert guides for a range of different clients, including those working first in territory. Although both Stuart and Alex are now fully committed to championing the shift towards renewable energy, their previous experience of working in the oil and gas industry also means they fully understand the logistical context of moving away from a reliance on older generating technologies.


When a particular project demands it, we are able to expand our team to answer the needs of a particular project. We do this by drawing on close relationships with some of the offshore wind industry’s most experienced and well-qualified professionals. This model means that Barrington Energy’s clients know they can always rely on our using only hand-picked associates, not a ‘B team’ of rapidly recruited agency workers.


Team members work either on rotation between the wind farm site and our UK office or, when direct contact is unnecessary, are based exclusively in the UK. This flexible model not only eliminates the cost of keeping personnel in-country during periods when they are not needed but also allows us to more easily retain high-calibre staff, however, whatever the set-up, a senior manager is always on site to ensure work packages are kept on track.


Stuart Brand and Alex Low, our directors, both have impressive track records in people management. This combined with their in-depth technical understanding of different aspects of wind farm development means they are able to do far more than simply create management plans – they also know how best to implement them. This is because Stuart and Alex are adept at handling the human dimension of a project, having built and motivated teams in a wide range of locations worldwide.


At Barrington Energy, our years of combined experience as a team have made it very clear to us that every project – and every client – requires an individual approach. We take time to fully understand what particular sites and teams need, and how to strike the most cost-efficient balance between the technical and commercial aspects of each project. We enjoy creating bespoke solutions to highly complex problems, and using them to ensure timely and cost-efficient delivery.


Our directors and associates have successfully consulted on or led teams on the following wind farm projects:


Burbo Bank Extension; Dudgeon; Galloper; Greater Gabbard; Gwynt y Môr; Humber Gateway; Kentish Flats; Kentish Flats Extension; London Array; Lynn and Inner Dowsing; Race Bank; Rhyl Flats; Rampion; Sheringham Shoal; Teesside; Walney 1 and 2; Walney 3 Extension; West of Duddon Sands; Westermost Rough;


Belwind; Nobelwind


Akita Port; Noshiro Port


Amrumbank; Baltic 2; Borkum Riffgrund; Borkum West; Butendiek; DanTysk; Global Tech 1; Gode Wind 1 and 2; Meerwind; Sandbank; Veja Mate;


Gemini; Westermeerwind